The Process

From Concept to Completion

  1. Pre-Job Meeting
    • Review:
    • Access/Parking/Do's and Dont's
    • Owner Expectations
    • Work Schedule
  2. Mobilize
    • Set up job:
    • Dumpster/Porta John/Phone/Fax/Computer
    • Dust Barriers
    • Site Protection - Interior/Exterior
  3. Construction
    • Earthwork through final clean-up
    • Weekly job meetings with notes
    • What's currently in progress
    • Crew member responsibilities
    • What's next?
    • Schedule review and update
  4. Completion
    • Review final details with owner and architect
    • Issue C.O.
    • Warranties/Sub Lists

West Construction has performed work for customers utilizing several different contractual arrangements. Most of our customers utilize the Construction Management method, but some projects are done on a Stipulated Sum basis.

The Process



West Construction works with the area's top architects. These architects, with whom we have strong working relationships, appreciate our pricing, quality, honesty and problem solving capabilities. Our position of being "part of the solution," taking responsibility, open communication and always looking at the project as the customer would, has allowed us to continue to develop repeat business from these architects. A complete list of these architects is available upon request.


West Construction has designed several additions, kitchens and bathrooms for customers. These projects have been part of a design/build process with customers who have a clear understanding of the end product. Our experience, creativity and discerning taste have enabled us to provide this service.